Chapters In The Things They Carried By Tim O Brien

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William Timothy O’Brien is an American novelist, of high merit, and the author of The Things They Carried. Many of his novels are based on the Vietnam War, which he fought in. He was born on October 1,1946 and is the son of Ava E. and William T. O’Brien. He married his wife, Ann, in 1973. He studied political science at Macalester college and also studied intermittently at Harvard. O’Brien’s works received numerous positive reviews for his ability to relate what soldiers went through during the Vietnam War.
Tim O’Brien’s novel, The Things They Carried, contains a complex plot and is composed of chapters that contain individual war stories. The chapters vary in length from as little as two pages to as many as 20 or more. In the chapters, characters …show more content…

The beginning of the story begins in third person limited, talking about the things "they carried." In doing this, the author allows the reader to imagine they are watching the story unfold. It also creates a sense of distance from the story, as if the reader is not totally experiencing the action as it takes place, but rather viewing it. Throughout the story, O'Brien uses this technique to allow the reader to feel distant from the action. For instance, when the character Tim talks about the man he killed, he talks about it in a limited third person point of view, as if he is trying to distance himself from what he did. The author also uses first person point of view, which allows the reader to enter the mind of the main character, Tim, and experience the action as it unfolds. However, the first person viewpoint gives the reader a biased view of the action, because the reader is only able to experience Tim's personal view of the war …show more content…

However, the characters that appear in numerous chapters are Jimmy Cross, Mitchell Sanders, Tim O’Brien, and Kiowa. There are many antagonists throughout the chapters, such as Azar and Curt Lemon. There are also many minor characters throughout the book’s entirety. These characters make the book more believable by adding detail to the book and also helping to develop the theme. For instance, Curt Lemon’s role in the story was cut short, making him a minor character, when he mistakenly stepped on a grenade. After his death, his best friend, Rat Kiley, was forced to deal with the pain of his death, which became something he

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