Character Analysis: Is Wang Lung Financially Intelligent?

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Based upon descriptions in the book, is Wang Lung financially intelligent? Explain.
Wang Lung is financially intelligent because when he was in the village instead of saving the money he bought from the house of Hwang. This piece of land has stayed with him from the longest time, and still. But, he is not so intelligent after all as when O-lan continuously told him to wait, he did not investigate what the reason for them staying was, instead he listened. If he was intelligent he would have questioned. In other ways he is very intelligent like after the soldiers took him, he stayed in home as he knew to keep this family financially stable he is the only source of money.
Who do you think is the “white-skinned” man on the paper that Wang Lung is handed?
The white-skinned mn is Zeus and this was Wang Lung's first exposure to Christianity as well as execution, which scared him.
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In return these men will only receive a piece of bread and a spoonful of water each day, and the only choice for them to return in by foot if they are able to after a long walk.
What are the rich doing at this point in the novel? Explain why.
The rich are running away at this point of the novel because their city gate has been broken by the enemies, and the only way for them to be safe is to run. However, on the other side the poor have been waiting for this moment, including O-lan so they are able to invade the houses of the rich and steal everything and anything they can find. The rich are scared for their safety as the poor have even decide to kill if necessary, so they are giving up everything they have. They also gave up their money to god, for their protection like the man in the temple who fed the two boys with delicious cake.
What major and important event takes place at the end of the

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