Character Analysis Of Sorry Rinamu In The Bomb By Theodore Taylor

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Once in a while people try to help and risk their lives for the happiness of others. Just like in the novel The Bomb by Theodore Taylor. The main character is Sorry Rinamu , a sixteen year old boy who lives on Bikini Atoll during world war two. Sorry is trying to do everything he can to save his island from the Americans who are going to test nuclear weapons on it. Sorry did everything he could to try to save his island which was trying to get the soldiers attention. Sorry Rinamu did everything he could to solve the problem which is him going on a boat at the beach ad tried getting the soldier’s attention. Sorry wanted to get the soldiers attention because he did not want the island to be harmed, this was his home, where he grew up. In the story Sorry…show more content…
Sorry could have told his grandfather to turn down the offer from the Americans. Also, sorry could have just left the soldiers bomb the island. After all, they did tell them that they were going to come back eventually. The soldier says,” you will be back in several years.” Even if the previously mentioned arguments were true, the island would have never been the same again. Nuclear bombs are really effective, it could have kept trees from growing, or it could have contaminated the water. Also while they were leaving sorry asked the soldier to tell him the truth and tell him when they were going to come back. The soldier responded by saying “ No one knows. Maybe never.” This reveals that the village might never return to their island. Overall Sorry Rinamu did everything he could to save his island. He took a boat into the beach and tried getting the soldier’s attention so they could not drop the bomb. Sorry did this because he did not want his island to be harmed because it was his home. The author Theodore Taylor would agree with this because he made Sorry’s character and knows his
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