Character Analysis Of The Movie Goosebumps

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The movie Goosebumps has few main characters that brought the movie forward and more interesting. One of the main characters is Zachary Cooper casted by Dylan Minnette. He has another name which is Scaredy Cat given by Hannah Stine, his girlfriend. He has a typical teenage look, very brave, courageous and smart. He has Caucasian skin tone and brown short hair. He also has a slim fit body structure and tall. He has a mother character named Gale Cooper and casted by Amy Ryan. She is a principal of the school in Madison where they just moved in. He has a cheerful Aunt named Loraine. Loraine’s character casted by Jillian Bell. His girlfriend and also close friend is the character Hannah Stine casted by Odeya Rush. He has another good friend, who is Champion casted by Ryan Lee. He has a few antagonists who would bring the movie forward. Those are all the monsters that involve in the Goosebumps movie series. Moreover, he seemed to have slight doubtful views on his life since his father passed away. He would always hide it with a very mocking attitude and also says funny things with serious and calm face expressions. He actually opened up more when he met Hannah when the monsters from the Stine’s book conquered the school. Zachary becomes more brave and courageous. Towards the climax he took the charge of keeping the monsters away. He is also smart in a way where he came out with the plan for Stine to write a single story to suck in back all the monsters back into the book. He
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