Freak The Mighty: Comparing The Book And Movie

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There were a lot of things that were the same in the book and movie Freak the Mighty. There also was some difference. Some of the difference weren 't really a big difference, so some people may not have noticed them. Some of the other differences were big differences so most people probably noticed them if they paid attention to both. Some difference I recognized were that in the book when Max and Kevin were getting the purse out of the sewer they hooked it to a paper clip and string to pull it out, in the movie Max went in the well to get the purse. In the book when Max and Kevin went to Loretta 's purse, Kevin wore a Darth Vador costume, but in the movie they both wore all black. In the book when they gave Loretta the purse they stayed …show more content…

In the book Kevin passed away at the hospital, but in the movie Kevin passed away at home. In both someone talk to Max after Kevin died. They were different people though, in the book it was Dr. Spivak and in the movie it was Gwen. In the book before Kevin passed away he gave Max a journal so he could write down all their adventures in it, Max put it in a box. In the movie Kevin gave him a journal and it said Freak the Mighty on the front. Some things that were the same in the movie and book were that when Kevin first heard Max talk before they were friends he said "It talks". In both the story and the book Max carried Kevin on his shoulders when he needed to be taller or just didn 't want to roll his wheelchair around. Blade was trying to go get the boys from th the lake, he went in with a knife. Blade got caught by the cops and Max was called the hero. Kevin showed Max the place he was planning to go to get his new body. When Max 's father got out of jail he went to Max 's house and kidnapped Max. Kenny told Max that everyone had poisened his brain against him and he wasn 't as bad as everyone says. Max and Kenny stayed in an old lady 's apartment because she wasn 't there. Kevin rescues Max. Kevin told Kenny there was acid in the squirt gun that he brought so he wouldn 't try to fight

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