Character And Analysis Of Haemon By Creon

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In the end these conflicting reasons develop Creon as a tragic hero by showing his breakdown and the character interaction leading the plot to create the theme by keeping a climax in the story to make the story seem interesting and keep you all into it.Haemon’s words, behavior, and thought, converse with Creon’s character to the point of these two characters having clashing reasons make the of insanity, animosity, and discourtesy to be brought out within Creon’s character.

Creon’s absurdity is examined when Haemon starts an disagreement in abutment of Antigone. Creon vigorously denies to listen to Antigone's side of the story. Haemon Quoted, “When men speak well, it’s good to learn from them.” (Line 819) This supports my allegation as a result of it, it displays how Creon is being unfair and petty. Creon denies to listen to his son’s reasoned feud about something highly critical. He does not even know why he won’t listen but if it’s not about what he’s talking about or if it’s trying to override his choice then he doesn’t want to hear it. …show more content…

We witness him tell on himself about him being in the wrong, and he also quotes that it’s his fault. “Oh the profanity of what I planned. Alas, my son, you died so young - a death before your time.” (Lines: 1410- 1414) This quote from the play views how he is heated. He is disappointed at himself for causing the passing of his

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