Character Equality In Anne Rand's Anthem

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Character Analysis Essay

Have you ever read the great novel Anthem by Anne Rand? Imagine everyone in your hometown is the same. Same clothing, mind, and beliefs. Not only just that, but also your careers and families are chosen by someone else. Wait no…. you have no family since everyone should be treated equally. In this book everyone is okay with the life they are living, a system. Everyone except the main character numbered Equality-7-2521 feels like there's more in life than the cruel life he is living. He goes far into the woods and posses an abandoned dwelling of the past, and in those woods he shows his character traits of being curious, intelligent, and determined.
Throughout the book, Equality is extremely bright. In the novel no one in the school is allowed to be smarter than another, but equality is. ON a daily basis he gets upset of being so smart, and tries to forget his intelligence” We tried to forget our lessons, but we always remembered. We
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Their he finds a house deep in the woods and roams around it looking for answers. “ I read many books for many days. Then I called the golden one and told her what I had read and learned” (Rand 98). This quote supports his trait of being curious, because he roamed throughout the woods even though he knew he might encounter evil, and he read until he knew men were independent with their own mind, and that's what he wanted to know all along. In spite of being determined, intelligent, he was also curious.
Overall, Equality in the book was curious, intelligent, and determined. His determination in the book made him know the real world outside of the system. He is now determined to get everyone together and show them the real world. The real reason of human beings, to do what they want, have a family, and follow their dreams. I belief he will recruit as many people as possible and make the old town disappear and give people the life they
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