Characteristics Of Odysseus As A Hero In Homer's Odyssey

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There are many types of hero, fictional, historical, and modern day. Odysseus was a historical hero, who saved his home of Ithaca. He had so many heroic traits, such as, bravery, courage, caring, loyalty, determination, and so much more. Fictional, modern day and other historical heroes have many of these traits as well. Therefore, the word hero has not changed. It’s important to have strategy at sea especially on the Mediterranean, if you make one wrong turn you’re a goner. Strategy can help you stay on the right path and it did in Odysseus’s case, especially when taking on the Cyclopes, “I took the wooliest ram, the choicest flock, and hung myself under the kinky belly, pulled up tight with fingers twisted…show more content…
Odysseus demonstrates it many times throughout the Odyssey, especially when taking on the cyclops, “cyclops try some wine. Here’s liquid to wash down your down scraps of men.” (Homer 870) “The pike of olive, green though it had been, reddened and glowed as if about to catch.” (Homer 871) A character that resembles bravery like Odysseus is Rosa Park, on December 1, 1955; Rosa Parks was going home after a busy day at work. On the bus, white people sat in the front and black people sat in the back. Rosa decided to sit somewhere in the middle row, this was okay as long as there were no white passengers in that row. Soon more and more white people started boarding the bus, the bus driver told all the black people sitting in the middle row to go to the back. They all got up except for Rosa. She didn’t back down she sat there the whole way home. In the chapter, “Twenty years gone, and I am back again” of the Odyssey, Odysseus shows bravery while planning to come back home with his son Telemachus, “If they make fun of me in my courtyard, let your ribs cage up your spring heart, no matter what I suffer no matter if they pull me by the heels, or practice shots at me to drive me out. Look on hold your anger” (Homer 900). In history, a man who shows bravery is Neil Armstrong. On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong was the first man in history to walk on the moon. No other person ever did it, it was scary…show more content…
Odysseus is determined to get back home to Ithaca, and he’ll do almost anything to get him there. He goes through so much in this story to get back home, for example the Lotus-Eaters, The Land of the Dead, and a horrible storm. A Lotus Flower is a something you eat and it would make you want to stay and eat more. Odysseus’s ship blew toward the Lotus Eaters, who were a group of people who lived on the Lotus Flower, “those who ate the honeyed plant, the Lotus, never care to report, nor to return: they longed to stay forever, browsing on that native bloom, forgetful of their homeland. I drove them, all three wailing, to the ships, tied them down under their rowing benches, and called the rest: ‘All hands aboard; come, clear the beach and no one taste the Lotus, or you lose your hope of home” (Homer 865). He was so determined to get home he dragged his men to the ship ad tied it down. Rapunzel (Disney’s Tangled) was determined to see the lanterns that her parents (little did she know) lit for her every year on her birthday. She always looked at them outside her window, but she never went to the village to see them. Now it’s her 18th birthday and she is determined to see them. So determined she sneaks out of the tower (the tower her mother told her to never leave) to see them. The Land of the dead is pretty much an island full of dead people, “Now came the soul

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