Examples Of Heroes In The Odyssey

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To Be Brave
What is a hero? Does a hero fly over a house, or is it a person walking down the street? In the book The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus, the former king of Ithaca is on a journey back home where he faces many struggles. Odysseus shows that he is a hero during that trip with his bravery and quick thinking. Cole Farrand, like Odysseus, also shows traits of a hero when he saves a man from a burning building. The former NFL linebacker shows his bravery and quick thinking like Odysseus.
Odysseus uses bravery and quick thinking when fighting to get back home. Odysseus especially shows courage when he confronts Circe, who turned all his men into pigs. Odysseus however, even with the risk of being turned into a pig, confronts Circe

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