Charles Baxter Tommy In The Short Story 'Gryphon'

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In the short story “Gryphon” by Charles Baxter Tommy is a usual boy in a very rural community in Five Oaks Michigan. Tommy is a very observant fourth grader who has memorized every tree, barn, and anhydrous ammonia tank. But one day at his elementary school, Five Oaks Elementary, His teacher Mr.Hibler started to cough furiously. The next thing you know Mr.Hibler has to take a sick day, and that means a substitute. Tommy is a little bit disappointed because all of the substitutes are undereducated average teachers. But when Ms. Ferenczi walks into the room tommy immediately realized that Ms. Ferenczi is the cultrary of average. She has a checkered lunch box and blue tinted glasses. Tommy noticed all of those details but one thing that stood

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