Charles Chaplin The Chaplin Analysis

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The definiton of a expert is "having, involving or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from train or experience." Being an expert means the title is earned through hard work and trying new things to seek its perfection. It also means learning new skills to accomplisn a goal. In film history, a person who is known for his proficieny at film-making is the enigmatic Charles Chaplin. In the featured photograph, Chaplin and his colleagues are observing a scene from the 1925 film, The Gold Rush . His often took on roles as director, actor and producer in addition to other roles. This is portrayed in the featured photograph in which Chaplin is dressed as the role of the Tramp but he is behind the scenes as a director. This is an example of his control and perfectionism is what can create an expert. Finally, this photograph modifies the belief that an expert must have the ability to take on other skills to accomplish their goal. This picture is more than just men laughing at an entertaining scene but is an example of expertise. The photograph depicts Chaplin dressed as his famous character, the Tramp. His assistants, Harry d 'Abbadie d 'Arrast and Charles Reisner are featured. Editor Edward Manson and Roland Totheroth, who had worked as a cinematographer on other Chaplin films such as The Kid (1921) and later City Lights (1931) are in the picture as well. From the reaction on the men 's faces, they are clearly observing an entertaining scene that is not featured. The
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