Charles Colson And Nancy Pearcey Worldviews In Conflict

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Worldviews in Conflict is a short essay comparing Christianity to Naturalism, Christianity in a Post-Christian era, and Christianity in a Postmodern world. It is written by Charles Colson and Nancy Pearcey. Charles Wendell Colson was an Evangelical Christian leader who founded Prison Fellowship and BreakPoint. Charles was converted and became a Christian in 1973. His mid-life conversion to Christianity sparked a life change that led him to found his non-profit ministry Prison Fellowship and to a focus on Christian worldview teaching and training. Charles was also known for being a public speaker and the author of more than 30 books. Nancy Randolph Pearcey is an American evangelical author on the Christian worldview. She is most well known for her work with Charles A Dangerous Grace: Daily Readings. Both these authors are beyond …show more content…

Kant’s new word initiated a way of thinking about beliefs that found wide acceptance in German philosophy and which has become a particularly significant development in evangelical Christianity, especially in the latter part of the twentieth century. The concept has been embraced by evangelicals worldwide and has become the key subject of a variety of evangelical books, conferences, websites, programs, classes, and “mega” church organizations. Nancy Pearcey’s view is that the use of the concept has increased in evangelical circles, and in a wide variety of ways. The wide usage of this word in both academic and popular settings has created a need for clarification as to how this concept is, and should be, perceived and employed. The audience this short essay is meant for would be Christians and people debating their worldview. It does not really attack other worldviews or cultures, but merely boosts up Christianity. Worldviews in Conflict was published on April 02, 2011. It quickly grew very popular to evangelical

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