Charles Cullen Closing Statement

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Charles Cullen was born on February 22, 1960 in New Jersey. He was the youngest of eight sibling having five sisters and two brothers. At the age of seven months, Cullen’s father had passed away at the age of 56. His first of many suicide attempts was when he was nine years old using an at home chemistry kit and drinking mixed liquids. He wrote a book at the age of eleven with a classmate after being teased at school, about how it feels to live in a world with no meaning in life. His mother was killed in a car accident when he was only 17 years old. Cullen had just turned 18 when he dropped out of high school and joined the Navy. When he was 19, he was having a hard time with co-crew members in the Navy and was then started to call “Fish-belly”. …show more content…

In that same year of 2005, Charles Cullen had pleaded guilty to another five murders that took place at Hunterdon Medical Center. A relative of one of Cullen’s ex-girlfriends was in need of a kidney transplant, and Cullen has stated that he wanted to apply to become eligible to donate his kidney. The press released a story to the public stating that Charles Cullen had stopped cooperation with law enforcement and investigators in January of 2006. He wanted to finally be sentenced so he would be free to proceed with the kidney donatio if he was granted permission. In March of 2006, Cullen claimed that he had a hard time being confronted by families of his victims. The same day as the confrontation, he was sentenced to 11 consecutive life sentences being guilty of 22 murders and attempted murder of three people in New Jersey. He would not be qualified to be eligible for parole until he had served at least 397 years behind bars. To this day, a sentencing for Charles Cullen is pending for the murder of seven more people and the attempted murder of three in …show more content…

He felt that since attempting to commit suicide was not working out for his, that his actions of murdering would help relieve some of the stress off of him. He was diagnosed with many things that reflected his childhood. He was first diagnosed with major depression, which came about around his young age of seven. He began with alcohol dependence when he was of legal age to drink. This led to an even stronger depression drive. Charles Cullen was also diagnosed with acute anxiety, which never seemed to have a major effect on any of his actions. His wife had explained him to reporters and law enforcement as a “borderline personality” but this was a condition that he was never officially diagnosed with. He was placed in a psychiatric hospital to receive treatment for what he was diagnosed with. When Charles was younger, he liked to abuse animals, and type of animal that was able to feel pain, and that he had access to. He abused alcohol but never messed with any drugs. He never attempted to hid the bodies of his victims and would simply walk away from his crimes. He liked to torture anyone or anything close or near him. His signature way of killing and harming people was a quick way using hospital drugs, and he never killed anyone another way besides using those hospital drugs in which he had access

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