How Did Charles I Start The English Civil War

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Charles I son of James VI of Scotland tries to enforce the Divine Right of Kings but faces opposition from Parliament this begins the English Civil war. Charles I then makes several mistakes including marrying Henrietta of France, who was a Catholic yet England was Protestant. All mistakes have consequences and King Charles first consequence was a strained and wounded marriage to his wife Henrietta. Charles often got into trouble, and one of the times was when he tried to impose a new prayer book in Scotland. This angered the Scots and they went to War against England. Due to all this, the country split into two factions and civil war ensued. These trying times brought along the Irish opposition, who tried to seize the English government. Charles was eventually put on trial and charged with multiple counts of treason punishable by death and was later executed. Charles I, son of James VI of Scotland was born in 1600 A.D at Dunfermline Palace. In 1625, …show more content…

They began as an attempted coup d'état by the Irish Catholic gentry, who tried to seize control of the English administration in Ireland to force concessions for Catholics. Unfortunately for them, their coup failed and the rebellion developed into an ethnic conflict between native Irish Catholics on one side and English and Scottish Protestant settlers on the other side. This was all started by Catholic fears of an impending invasion of Ireland by anti-Catholic forces of the English Long Parliament and Scottish Covenanters who were defying king Charles’ authority.Because of this, the rebels suspected association with Charles I which helped to start the Civil war. Charles, I was then put on trial at Westminster Hall. He was charged with high treason and ‘other high crimes’ but refused to accept the authority of the court, and was subsequently convicted and beheaded in public in front of his

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