Cheap Labor In China Summary

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Point number one that I chose from the story is, some Americans have been expressing their concerns about the cheap labor in China. In the book it says, the United States have been the undoubted leader in the global cotton industry, while other countries can’t even catch up to the United States. The United States competes with producers in some of the world’s most poorest and least developed regions. The cotton industry can be one of the most basic industry, but has been very successful even with all the cheap labor in China. Why do I consider this a main point? Because it explains how in China women and men work factories working many hours and are being paid less. It’s a main point because the workers are working in sweatshops and working in poor conditions that can be life threatening in anyway.
Another topic that I chose as a main point is, the Chinese government controls workers in ways that are bad for the China’s human rights. In chapter six, it explains how most of the Chinese textile and apparel workers …show more content…

In chapter 6 it explains how many women from back in the days and women from today still work in the sweatshops and work in poor conditions. Many women who work in the sweatshop work many hours and have lack of benefits. About 100 million Chinese workers are floating people which means that they are peasants who left the countryside to work in sweatshops. I consider this to be a main point in the story because in China you have people working long hours, seven days a week, without seeing their family to be paid less, is a serious problem. All those people working in sweatshops will never find a way in life to further out their success. They are called floating people, but because of “floating people” we have t-shirts. They produce t-shirts, many things that we own, to be paid an unfair wage is

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