Chesapeake Bay Essay

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The Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the United States, is a vital resource for the local community, economy, and ecosystem. However, it is facing critical environmental issues that threaten its health and sustainability. Human activities are the root cause of these problems, and it is our responsibility to take action to save the Bay. In this essay, we will discuss the types of human activity that affect the Bay's health, why it is essential to restore its health, and the action plans or steps that could be taken to accomplish this goal.

Firstly, human activities pose a significant threat to the Chesapeake Bay's health. Agriculture is the main contributor to the pollution in the Bay. Excessive nutrients from fertilizers and animal waste cause harmful algal blooms that create 'dead zones,' low-oxygen areas where marine life cannot thrive. Overfishing and destructive fishing practices further endanger the Bay's ecosystem, destabilizing food webs and threatening the survival of species. Urbanization and population growth also play a part in damaging the Bay. Impervious surfaces like roads and parking lots prevent rainfall from being absorbed into the ground, resulting in an increase in stormwater runoff that brings pollutants into the Bay. …show more content…

It is a source of livelihood for anglers, crabbers, and boaters, generating billions of dollars in revenue each year. The Bay also fosters a unique ecosystem, home to more than 2,700 species of plants and animals that rely on it. An unhealthy Bay will lead to the extinction of species and ecosystem collapse. Additionally, the Bay's health has public health implications. Poor water quality can cause diseases such as shellfish poisoning, which can be

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