Chief In Lord Of The Flies Persuasive Essay

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In the end, they made it out, but they were on the brink of death. The biggest mistakes they made were Jack and Ralph fighting for the role of chief, Jack’s hunger for power, them not working together, and disrespecting Piggy. Then, how they didn’t have any rules or structure. They could have had a overall better island society if they didn’t do these things and for my 3rd paragraph I’m going to talking about what they could have done to make their tribe work and changes they could have made for the better. Their perfect island society slowly became a dysfunction nightmare. Jack and his hunger for power was definitely the biggest problem that faced the boys in Lord of the Flies. Ever since the boys voted for Ralph to be chief, Jack desperately …show more content…

In the end, They just agree to disagree “They grinned at each other, remembering the first day.” Golding page 53. Then he lets the fire go out, a ship comes by but didn’t see the boys. After that, it all starts to go downhill. Ralph and him are conflicting more than ever before. They get into an argument, Ralph argues that shelter is more important than meat, Jack argues the opposite. In chapter 5, tensions are rising, Jack and Ralph argue more about the beast and Ralph is slowly losing his position as chief. Soon after, they look for the beast together. It’s almost like old times, though that doesn’t last for long. By chapter 8, they are enemies. Ralph calls a meeting, he tells the boys the beast is real and calls Ralph out, he says “He’s like Piggy. He says things like Piggy. He isn’t a proper chief.” Jack, now with his own small tribe, destroyed Ralph’s huts and took Piggy’s glasses. Then, Jack attempts to kill Ralph with a spear, he fails. He also tries to trap him by setting the island on fire, but Ralph is saved by a naval office. In the book, Jack represents evil and darkness. He is moderately responsible for the downfall of the group, but the fact

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