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After a long disquiet day of school, eager to plop into bed and enjoy watching a new episode of your favorite TV show. Finally being at ease from all the drama and gossip that lures around the school hallways. Forgetting about the entirety of your assignments for a couple of hours in order to be wrapped in a ball of comfort maintained in a secure environment. Although that bubble suddenly bursts once your ‘loving’ family disrupts that peaceful fantasy. Yells peeping from your headphones, attempting to drown out the noise from your intemperate parents. Suddenly your spirit crumbles just like your innocence. Your family, one who is supposed to support you emotionally and protect you physically has done otherwise. A study in North America found …show more content…

The number of children involved subsequently increased to 7.2 million from 6.6 million”(American SPCC Stats) Almost five children die everyday from child abuse, change must be made to prevent these statistics from rising. There are two non-profit organizations pursuing this dream by providing a safe haven for the victims and rehabilitation, sharing stories in order to spread awareness. The Family Place and The Kid Net Foundation aka Jonathan’s Place will be compared to determine who will be the recipient of a $5000 donation. In 1978, a collective whole of volunteers organized The Family Place soon becoming one of the first family violence shelters and service organizations in Texas. For over 40 years, Family Place provides 180 shelter beds each night for safe housing, counseling and skills to create independence whilst constructing community engagement as well as advocating for social change to stop family violence. Subsequently earning the title as one of the largest family violence service provider in North Texas. Serving 10,049 clients with 130,996 hours of service last year alone (Family Place Inc). This organization is driven with passion in pursuance to restore humanity, wanting to see their clients thrive and prosper. By

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