Argumentative Essay On Child Soldiers

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Small hands, belonging to children, wrapped around a gun, fingers on the trigger. These guns aren't toys being carelessly held while playing a game, these guns are loaded with deadly bullets held steady by a child soldier. Their eyes filled with fear, looking for a target so they don't become one. Their minds aren't thinking straight, the line between right and wrong is disappearing due to the drugs, alcohol and, lies flooding their brains and flowing throughout their small, growing bodies. They are unaware of their actions, they were manipulated by rebel groups to kill. The child soldiers deserve amnesty, rehabilitation, not to be locked away. Being incarcerated could cause them to become even more dangerous than they already are. Child soldiers need help and attention instead of being forced behind bars and forgotten. …show more content…

Child soldiers are unaware of their actions due to the drugs and alcohol pulsing through their bodies making them more compliant than they otherwise would be. In the article, Armed and Underage, states that, “... they are easily manipulated, intensely loyal, fearless and, most important, in endless supply.”(Gettleman, Pg 6). This expresses that children have many traits that adults don't, making them much easier targets to the rebel groups. In the same writing piece the text states that, “‘These kids can be so easily brainwashed,’ Ali say. ‘They don’t even have to be paid.’”(Gettleman, Pg 8). This shows that rebel groups don't have to pay children, they are able to use drugs and other things to make them easier to

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