Child Soldiers Should Be Granted Amnesty

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Imagine yourself being dragged into war after being drugged and now forced to kill people or you will be killed in return. It is a horrific site to imagine yet some children go through these things in early life and will be left with the images of dead people forever. After having these experiences, they will have psychological damage throughout their life. Some of the kids have even watched their loved ones be killed just to go to camp and kill more people in the process of seeking safety. The children live in conditions where they are in great danger of being shot and don’t eat the food that they greatly need to be a healthy child. The children carry around guns and shoot people just so they are able to come back and eat their food to survive …show more content…

Picture a six-year-old kid being held at gunpoint being forced to stab and kill his little sister and at that moment wanting to die. Bosco was threatened to do this and only did what he was told to do (Ruta). When a kid is six years old they don’t know what is right; therefore, when they are told to do something they will do it. When the children commit crimes they are unaware of the consequences because they are not taught them. They are committing crimes because they need food and shelter to survive. Child soldiers should be granted amnesty because they are forced to do things even when they don’t want to. Some say that the children have a choice in whether or not they are killing for instance in Child Soldiers Should Be Prosecuted the text says that children have committed acts of rape and mass killings when in a military camp (Child Soldiers Should Be Prosecuted). While this may be true the child soldiers are doing what they are told and they may not know that it is wrong, but they are just trying to be well mannered kids by listening to the adult. When in reality they are being forced to kill only to be able to have a place to sleep at night and some food to eat during the

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