Should Child Soldiers Be Covered?

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Have you ever had an opinion on if child soldiers should have consequences on their actions or have u ever thought that it is not all their fault? Many people say the kids should be prosecuted because they know what they were doing while others think differently. I believe that it is not the kids fault, the first reason i think this is because when kids are kids they can’t tell grown ups what they want to do. The second reason i think that they should not be prosecuted is because while they are being recruited they get drugged. The last reason i think that kids should be set off free is because when the children are fighting they can be in serious danger.

The first reason i think that child soldiers should not be prosecuted is because while kids are young they don 't have much control over what they get to do, lots of kids have to do what their parent or guardian says, and i am sure that when kids get recruited they have no choice but to go. In an article i read said that when a child soldier is recruited that they have no choice but to join. This matches with the story because it explains that kids don’t have a choice but to join when they get recruited. Kids also don’t get to choose what …show more content…

In an article it stated,In some conflicts, girls are raped, or given to military commanders as "wives." it also stated that,Children accused of the slightest infractions may be subject to extreme physical punishments including beating, whipping, caning, and being chained or tied up with rope for days at a

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