Childhood Obesity: Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography
Babey, S.H., Hastert, T.A., Wolstein, J., Diamant, A.L. (2010). Income disparities in obesity trends among California adolescents. American Journal of Public Health (100)11, 2149
2155. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2010.192641
Childhood obesity has increased to 17% in the last thirty years, causing concern for the health industry as costs increase and preventable diseases become more prevalent. Over 17,000 adolescents were interviewed in the California study between 2001-2007 through the California Health Interview Survey. Results showed that in 2001, obesity was 70% higher in children who lived below the federal poverty line (FPL) than children who lived 300% above the FPL. In 2007, obesity was higher in the lowest income group …show more content…

The authors believe that habits emerge at a young age because of the social norms and cultural aspects found at school. In order to successfully implement a program for these issues, an evidence-based program is needed. The authors focus on three specific programs, of which Coordinated Approach to Child Health and Planet Health (CATCH) is primarily considered due to its effectiveness. CATCH focuses on physical activity and healthy eating and involves the coordination of individuals in and outside the classroom. Parents, children, administrators, program staff, physical educators, teachers, and food service persons are all vital to the successfulness of the CATCH program. Evaluated in seven different states, statistics showed that there was a 40-50% increase in physical activity and a decrease in fat from 39% to 32%. In schools without the program implemented, there was an increase in those overweight from 26-39% in girls and 40-49% in boys. In respect to the students attending school in College Station ISD, a CATCH program would be beneficial to increase physical activity and healthy eating, involving a coordinated network of individuals. Essential to good results is the support of an administrator such as a principal or director. Further inquiries should be made on whether involving a registered nurse would strengthen the program or not. Since the study was not conducted in Texas, differences and problems could arise if

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