Chino Hills High ASB Leadership Case Study

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Chino Hills High ASB is a well-recognized organization not only by students and staff at CHHS, but by programs like the California Association of Student Leaders. A select group of students from Chino Hills High ASB attended a conference put on by CASL, and for the past 11 years Chino Hills High ASB has won the Outstanding Leadership Program Award. The group of students who accepted this award on behalf of the CHHS Leadership program were Caleb Andrews, Bradley Mautz, Adam Cullen, Tessa Grotz, Mitchell Matthews, Josh Stroup, Alex Ro, Tanner Schroder, Audrey Johnstone, and Gullian Dyker. At the conference this year, Adam Cullen, the ASB President for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year, was elected to be on the board for the California Association of Student Leaders as a Southern Director. …show more content…

This past year our very own Caleb Andrews was on the board for CASL as a Southern Director as well and worked all year long along the side of a number students from all across Southern California who were also Southern Directors. We are so fortunate to have such an amazing Leadership program on our campus with even greater leaders as a part of it. Thank you for all you do ASB and Leadership and a special thanks to Mrs. Chiotti! We appreciate

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