Chipotle A Socially Responsible Organization Case Study

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#1) Is Chiptole a socially responsible organization? Why or why not?
First of all, let’s define what it is mean to be a socially responsible organization. For the company to be socially responsible, its behavior must be proactive for the benefit of society (Neck, 2014). This means that Chopotle is supporting local farmers and cattle ranchers by purchasing its supplies locally which ensures freshness, meat free of any artificial additives, hormones or antibiotics. Further, by purchasing all of the food locally, creates jobs for the local farmers.
When Steve Ells, the founder of Chipotle, opened his first restaurant in 1993 in Denver, Colorado, he envisioned his restaurant not only be fast and tasty but also support the local farmers. He called …show more content…

Moreover, the film also indicates if the organization considers factory farming, all the animals will be kept in cramp cages, nowhere to move and will be given antibiotics and hormones. However, if the farmer chooses to raise its animals more sustainable environment, cage free where the animals will be raised outdoors, eat grass will produce meat, eggs and milk free of any antibiotics and hormones (Back to the Start, 2011).
In conclusion, Chipotle is promoting and supporting local farmers and cattle raising ranchers by purchasing its supplies directly from them knowing that the animals are raised without any cruelty, free of antibiotics and hormones.
#2) Some would argue that Chiptole is not socially responsible because its menu is full of very high-fat, high-calorie items, which encourages obesity. How would you respond to such …show more content…

Once a month or every quarter as a CEO I would personally visit all of the locations where Chipotle receives its supplies to make sure that the companies Ethics and Responsibilities are followed. As a CEO I would also visit Elementary schools as well as Middle and High Schools to educate the kids where the food comes from and the difference eating organic and farm raised food are is healthy for them. I would also sponsor a school and would have a field trip for the kids to have hands on activities by working in the farms and to see where the food comes from. This would have an impact on the kids, which would go with them to their homes and of course their experience would be shared with their parents and relatives. It would encourage them to visit Chipotle and eat there which would create a lifelong success of

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