Chris Mccandless And Ginsberg Similarities

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Chris McCandless and Allen GInsberg are two very different people. Even people wit differences can have similarities. One might not think McCandless and
Ginsberg were not relative to each other whatsoever. McCandless was an adventurer and Ginsberg was a poet There are many similarities and differences between these two; such as their successes, obstacles, and outlook on transcendentalism.
Both Chris McCandless and Allen Ginsberg were proud and felt successful in their quests. Ginsberg was successful because he wrote the poem “Howl” and in 1955, he read his poem at a gallery and then it was published the following year by City Lights
Bookstore ( ). Unlike Ginsberg, McCandless’s quest was much more dangerous, but McCandless was still successful. McCandless was successful in his quest by staying in the Alaskan wilderness for the entire one hundred days he originally intended. Chris McCandless and Allen Ginsberg had to overcome
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He was arrested but it all got cleared up so he was let go.
Chris and Allen may not have known they were transcendentalists, but they were both very strong supporters of selfidentification.
Ginsberg showed transcendentalism in his poem “Howl”. “Howl” was written to denounce destructive forces of capitalism and conformity in the United States( . McCandless showed transcendentalism by not wanting to blend in with the rest of the people around him. He wanted to put himself in a situation where he would not be influenced by anyone else.
Chris McCandless and Allen Ginsberg were both very successful in completing their quests of adventures and poetry. They both overcame their obstacles involving jail time, and have transcendentalist mind sets. They may seem very similar regarding success, obstacles, and ideals, but the details push them off in separate

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