Chris Mccandless Behavior In Bullhead, By Jon Krakauer

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Chris was a leather tramp, meaning he would hitchhike around or walk wherever he went. After he left his parents and went on his journey he did not stop and settle down very often. This changed when in October 1991 he settled down for two months in Bullhead City, Arizona, the longest he ever settled down. Chris’s experience there is very different from his experience on the road. He gets a job and even opens a savings account at one of the banks. Chris’s behavior in Bullhead is very different from his normal behavior. When he gets a job he presents himself as Chris McCandless not as Alex, he even gave them his real Social Security number. This behavior may be explained by a letter he wrote to his friend Wayne Westerberg saying “It’s a good place to …show more content…

Perhaps Chris used his real name and Social Security number because he was planning to stay in Bullhead longer than he actually did. Chris also liked Bullhead because of its atmosphere. He liked the stark desert landscape that surrounded the town, he also liked the people that were in Bullhead. He called the people “lumpen” which were poorer lower class people who lived in trailer parks and campgrounds. Chris might have felt like these were his people, feeling a sense of belonging. While Chris is in Bullhead he meets three people, George Dreezen, Lori Zarza, and Charlie. George Dreezen and Lori Zarza are the assistant managers of the Mcdonalds that Chris worked at. George thought that Chris was a good worker, just a little strange. He said that Chris did not like to wear socks, as soon as his shift was over he would take his socks off, almost to show that

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