Chris Mccandless Journey Into The Wild Analysis

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McCandless Journey to Death
Chris McCandless was a well educated and smart man that was eager to leave everything behind and start a new life. McCandless believed that he would truly find himself in nature. He left his old life when the compassion to start a new life, but his arrogance and underestimations over nature caused him to walk into the wild unprepared. McCandless believed that he would conquer nature with his intelligence and academic abilities but he didn 't realize how nature worked until it was too late. McCandless visions of his reality Distorted his views which lead to his failure.
Christopher had an overestimated skill before walking into the wild that lead him to struggle to survive in his Journey. McCandless went on his journey
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Later on in the book it is discovered that Chris might have changed his mind about his philosophies. Christopher learns from nature that one can become very lonely and ill being in the wild. In the article the New Yorker there is a quote from Alex’s journal that states “ SOS I NEED YOUR HELP. I AM INJURED, NEAR DEATH, AND TO WEAK TOO HIKE OUT OF HERE. I AM ALL ALONE, THIS IS NO JOKE. IN THE NAME Of GOD, PLEASE REMAIN TO SAVE ME. I AM OUT COLLECTING BERRIES CLOSE BY AND SHALL RETURN THIS EVENING. THANK YOU CHRIS McCANDLESS AUGUST?” (KraKauer The New Yorker 3).This quote from christopher 's journal is very important because it shows that McCandless began to feel isolated in the wild and was desperate to get out of the wild and back into society. When Chris McCandless was asked why he was walking into the wild he responded that he was tired of society and wanted to start fresh. McCandless believed that the only way to start fresh was to leave everything behind. In the book it summarizes that Christopher McCandless gathered the remaining amount of money he had and set it on fire p29. This information proves that Chris McCandless wanted to have a fresh start and left all his values behind him. When Chris McCandless began to hitchhike his way up to Alaska he introduced himself as someone else to protect his identity from the past. In the book it reads “ Fishing for a last…show more content…
Christopher McCandless was a smart and studious man in school, but not in nature. When Chris McCandless walked into the wild he was confident and underestimated the control of nature. Therefore Chris McCandless corpse was found four months after by some moose hunters. Christophers underestimation over nature lead him to pack a very light load for the time he was going to be out in the wild. In the book it read that “Chris McCandless had way to light of a load to be out in the woods for several months”p4. This proves that Christopher McCandless was underestimating nature when he decided to go into the wild and was confident that he understood nature well enough to survive off of that very light load. When Christopher McCandless was asked by Gallien if he was sure he was ready to go into the wild he never had doubt in his plans, he was eager to start! The text summarizes that Chris was very confident about walking into the wild that no matter what people said he was extremely excited to go to Alaska p6. This piece of evidence is important to analyze because it provides evidence that McCandless underestimated Alaska and believed he would be just fine. When McCandless was in Alaska he would dig up and eat sweet-pea plants without realizing the poisonous wild potato plant looked nearly the same. The book summarizes that That McCandless left a message in his

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