Chris Mccandless 'Into The Wild' By Jon Krakauer

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Kaylee Satterwhite
Professor Murphy
English 1101
October 30,2016
Into the Wild
In the book Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer focuses on naive Chris McCandless. McCandless isolates himself from the world and goes soul searching to find who he really is in hopes of finding peace. McCandless grew up in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., and he is very talented both in sports and his academic work. At an early age Chris shows a love for the outdoors and has a very adventurous side of him that the rest of his family can see . After graduating from high school McCandless spends the summer alone on a road trip across the country. McCandless returns home and starts as a freshman at Emory. After he graduates from college he decided to go on a journey and not tell any family or friends. Was he asking for a death wish or trying to prove a point?
In April 1992 Chris decided to hitchhike to Alaska and walked alone into the wilderness. Before he left he had given 25,000 (most his money)to charity. He also burned all his money in his wallet and he abandoned his car and this is very ironic because these things could have possibly saved him from dying. If McCandless would have planned this trip he would …show more content…

This may have been a big reason Chris just up and left without telling anybody. Was he trying to prove something to his dad but it backfired on him? A lot of people think so and you can tell by reading the book that he did want to prove something we just don't know exactly what it was. Maybe he was trying to prove that he does not need money or any materialistic objects to be happy or maybe he was showing his parents he could have lived a happy life without going to college (they forced him to go) and that they just wasted their money . It was a lot of ideas going around on what he was trying to prove and who he was trying to prove it

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