Analysis Of Chris Mccandless In Into The Wild, By Jon Krakauer

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Chris (Alex) McCandless was born into a fortunate family, financially speaking; the McCandless parents cared tremendously for how their children’s future were going to turn out. All they wanted for their kids was for them to have great jobs, become wealthy and successful for themselves. What these parents see as attentiveness, the children see it as headstrong and abusing their power. Which is what Chris McCandless sees throughout his life growing up in that atmosphere. This frustration causes Chris to blow up and cut all connections with his family and then proceeds to run away from home. This adventure is brought to life in Jon Krakauer's book, Into The Wild(1996), this adventure will prove to himself and his family that he is capable of …show more content…

Kids confuse the caring nature and just get mad and irritated which is what happened to Chris. Personally, my dad told me that I did not have to go to college since it did not further his career while my mom told me I have to even though I do not want to. Since she told me I had to go to college I got mad and did not want to talk to her so we fought about it. Then I finally realized that my mom just wants the best for me because she loves me and that college can help me figure out myself and find my true passion I never could realize at my age at this moment. Which is similar to Chris’s issue with his parents when he graduated from college and they wanted to buy him a new car if he wanted to go to law school they would pay for that also. Instead, Alex got very temperamental and again saw it as they were trying to take control of his life like he believes they have his whole life. This disagreement between Chris and his parents was a major turning point and changed Chris’s ideas on what to …show more content…

Feeling sympathy for Chris McCandless would be the wrong way to look at this book, you have to look at the bigger picture of how immature he acted for his age. He passed away at the age of 24 due to the situations that he put himself into that were always dangerous. These adventures to him were fun and independent, but him living free never solved the bigger problem with him and his parents. Chris taking off and not saying goodbye or saying where he was going just made the issue grow bigger and it blew up. If he simply could just sit down and have an adult conversation with his family Chris could have solved the problem there, but he had to be immature and act childish. No one should ever feel sympathy for Chris McCandless due to his lack of brain power to generate the maturity to step up and act his age to talk to his parents about what he has planned for his future and not what they have planned, he never just thanked them for how they cared for him through those 24 years of his short

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