Christ Crucified Between The Two Thieves Analysis

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Christ Crucified between the Two Thieves 4th state: Rembrandt Van Rijn
The work of art, entitled “Christ Crucified between the Two Thieves was created in 1653 by the artist Rembrandt Van Rijn. This particular art form was created using the process of drypoint and is the fourth state created by the artist. Drypoint lines are formed by carving into a metal plate. This plate serves as the canvas. Then the metal left with ridges captures any extra ink which produces different affects when printed. This metal is called burr. This burr is very breakable and in many printings, it will begin to break down ending in a line that looks engraved. The artist however completed different states of this print. In this fourth and perhaps most dramatic edition of the print, Rembrandt altered lines and drew the attention to Christ and the crucifixion. Everything else in the print becomes part of the background and the …show more content…

Compared to the third edition, the fourth edition has soldiers on horses with swords drawn and Mary and John shifted. I think that the sword adds to the element of sorrow. It confirms that either Christ has been pierced by the sword or that is his soon to be fate. I find it remarkable though how though all the darkness and chaos there is still brightness and a ray of hope. I admire the use of these lines to create a story that is so real and powerful. Rembrandt did a great job making the pages of the bible come to life.
This work of art is currently not for view in any museum. I think I have been able to reflect and learn a great deal with this artwork. I have a newfound appreciation for the process of drypoint and how it forms lines. Those simple lines form an artwork, that tells a story. This etching has made me stop and think about my faith and what Jesus went through as well as the process that it took to create this as well as Rembrandt’s purpose behind

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