Christopher Columbus Propaganda Analysis

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Growing up in America, every child in school is taught about Christopher Columbus, the man who discovered America. They learn how this great Italian explorer who was in search for a faster, but while looking for this new trade route, he in turn “discovered” a new land. However, the story of Christopher Columbus is not this simple and most of the true story is left out of the schools because it puts the supposed discover of America in a bad light. Nevertheless, that does not mean the true history of Columbus’s discovery of America should be forgotten or avoided because it sheds a light on the interactions between the Europeans and the true discovers or inhabitants of this new land. Although at the time there were no cameras to document what …show more content…

Instead it shows Columbus as this great man who is bringing these modern ideas (raising of the cross) to these very savage people, which is seen by the Natives dancing around naked. However in reality Columbus stumbled upon this land and forced his gold strive mind upon the natives. This meant taking them captive and killing them all to get some profit. Other parts of the picture that stand out and show how the Europeans are superior to the Natives is the clothes worn by both sides. The Europeans are dressed in very fancy and expensive cloths, which shows their wealth and their superiority. While the Natives are depicted as being naked or very little cloths to show their savagery. The Natives also show many stereotypes, such as being extremely fit and possessing gifts of gold. While again not all natives were super fit and the gold they did possess was just small trinkets, but the Europeans wanted to show the hidden treasures that this new land held. It was just another ploy to justify the colonization of the new land because not only are they doing a great deed by converting these savages to proper humans, but they will also be compensated for their great

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