Confederate And Columbus Monuments Argumentative Essay

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Argumentative Essay The debate over how the Confederate and Columbus monuments should be treated starting from Confederate monuments in Southern cities like Charlottesville, VA has led to similar debates over Columbus monuments in northern cities like New York over what the statues have come to represent to people. In which to some it has come to represent racism, slavery, oppression, and destruction, but to others it is an honor towards their ancestors, culture, and race. Though in the end the Confederate monuments should just be left alone as there is no assurance that in the removal, destruction, or transfer of these monuments will stop or end the controversy involving the monuments in question towards both the supporting and opposing sides …show more content…

While for Columbus monuments it is taken by most Americans, and Europeans as a commemorative thing in which it celebrates the actions, and deeds that Columbus had done in discovering America, and how it led to the founding and present time of the United States, but for other such as Native Americans it has been received as oppression, and the close annihilation of their people in which they were enslaved, killed, and imprisoned by Columbus and his people, shown in Document J. This example shows the effects in which the monuments have had on the people of today and the outcries and protests against Confederate and Columbus monuments in which debate of the actions, deeds, and meanings behind these monuments and the interpretation of them by people of different races, and

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