Confederate Flag Argument Essay

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America the only place where corporations are people where half if not more of the clothes people are wearing are made by actual slaves but they complain about a flag bcuz it represents a dark time in american history, when brother bought brother over the slave issue.

this is also the place where free speech and beliefs are championd on every channel and in every piece of law there is.

i dont agree with slavery but i also dont agree with people loving free speech but hate when someones speech isnt P.C

if u want to rock a swastica flag go ahead

if u want too rock a confederate flag, go ahead

expect people too voice their opinions bcuz of the same free speech rule u want to use too hoist that flag.

almost reminds me of vietnam where soldiers …show more content…

it isnt really inclusive is it ? its meant to show LGBT community pride not the straight community so really it mite not have the same past but it isnt inclusive just like the confederate flag isnt inclusive since so many ppl fought and died to bring that terrible era to an end, maybe some people believe in the pride of their ancestors and thats ok bcuz it is america. but the government shouldnt be paying for it to be flown. or how about british born american citizens who fly the union jack, the british did a lot of horrible shit too americans back in the day u gona out law those too ? or what about chinese americans, china's a commie country, communisms baddddddd lol right ? maybe outlaw them too. what about crosses, a lot of preists have done some horrible shit, and im not just talking about molesting little boys i mean pretty much since the beginning of the church, they have been killing people on a massive scale for thousands of years now, should crosses be banned

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