Why Should The Confederate Flag Be Banned

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Should the Confederate flag be banned on public property? The Confederate flag is one of the greatest controversial, provocative icons of American culture, and even has a significant presence out of the country. There is proof to suggest that just observing the Confederate flag makes a person act fairly more racist. Some people believe that the Confederate flag is racist. Are these believe true? The Confederate flag can be started as a symbol of patriotism, but even was the way to show the white power. It is a symbol of the days when whites wanted to continue with slavery contrary to the belief that in America, all men are created equal. In addition, it is a symbol of patriotism who was disposed to die to protect this country and make sure it persisted as the initiators expected. Slavery was under no circumstances the reason for the war, but only a justification to lead one. This can make people judge and …show more content…

Assuming that the flag has a deep history of racial injustice that exceed far beyond the Civil War. Adding that his motive is patriotism, the flag has been managed as a symbol of racism and radical inequality. While the Confederate flag is a prevailing and problematical symbol, one that should entirely be dismantled. Taking down the flag is only the first step. What we must do is knock down racism. As can be seen taking down the Confederate flag will not solve racism. Undoubtedly, the problem is not the Confederate flag, but by removing the Confederate flag to mark the massacre of Charleston may have offered a solution and how to fix the hatred, racism and separation between races. If the flag was vetoed that could not afford or encourage the traces of pain and injustice of centuries. If achieved, it would be amazing. Unfortunately, it is not that

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