How Should We Celebrate Columbus Day

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Throughout many historical interpretations of the explorer, Christopher Columbus, many included his voyage of seeking for a new route from Europe to the land of the riches, Asia. Although Columbus never set foot in Asia, he had traveled west and discovered the New World, and led many influential impacts. From Columbus’s exploration, it created several questionings along with controversies, debating whether people should celebrate Columbus Day. Nevertheless, Columbus Day should not be a national holiday, because the honor presented by the holiday does not suit many of Columbus’s despicable actions. Columbus had received the wrong title for his journey, his discovery lead to massive amounts of murders, and his greed for valuables and fame was also part of Columbus’s …show more content…

Columbus, who was brave and admiring, had a different route to Asia led the journey west came upon the new yet to be explored American continents. According to Document E, it states, “His conquest of Atlantic the outer space of the fifteenth century - is as meaningful to the Americans of the space age as it was to our forefathers who pushed across the vast expenses of this continent.” This quote shows how Columbus’s conquest was an important milestone in the achievements of people of his time and even today. Despite his famous discovery, one of the main reason to set sail for this conquest was Columbus’s greed for riches and fame. In Document A, it states, “I was very attentive to them, and strove to learn if they had any gold.” From this quote, it shows Columbus’s strong belief in finding gold, as he tried in many attempts. As a greedy man, Columbus’s journey was not well impressive; since other men would also eventually discover the American continents, due to their interest in gold and glorious fame for a cheap and short exploration

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