How Did Chris Mccandless Get Away From Society

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Into the Wild Essay Into the wild is a true story about a guy named Christopher Johnson McCandless who gives his life away and follows his dream of getting away from society and not wanting to socially conform. The book goes through all of his trips he would take around of the United States and some of the people he met along the way. The final trip he took was to Alaska where he went into the “bush” and even though it was only a couple of miles away from society,rivers stood between him and the outside world and that ultimately led to his demise. The author got firsthand takes from the people he met along the way that just makes this story more interesting because every person he met said he was a very good kid and spoke very well. There were many things that people thought happened to him when he was found dead in a bus in the Alaskan bush. Everything from people thinking he was on a suicide mission to people saying he starved. The author showed us that his true demise came from getting trapped in by the very rivers that kept him isolated from society. The author's purpose was not just to tell us of the story and the death of Chris McCandless but to inform readers that if you do not follow your dreams in life you will never be happy with …show more content…

The author really understood why Chris McCandless did what he did and that is why he was able to write such a good book about his life even with some speculation having to take place and even having to find the people that Chris talked to, to be able to piece the whole story together. In conclusion the author wrote this book to inform readers to follow their dreams and Chris is a prime example of this because most people quit when following their dreams get too difficult but Chris never did and the author has a huge amount of respect for him because of

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