Chrysanthemums Alternate Ending

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He could hear them; didn't they know that he could hear them? “Do you think the flowers are for me?" Asks Claire breathless and Jared has to do a double take before understanding the question. Regis and flowers? That certainly sounded like his best friend, but he only did it for one person and that person was… Jared looks over and watches Regis indeed hold a bouquet of flowers; Chrysanthemums. Her favorite. Regis walks with ease, smiling at a couple of girls before walking away and headed straight towards them. "No. He's going to visit her." Dalton said plainly eyeing the flowers. “Who?” Asks the short kid next to Claire. "His sister." Jared says with a pained look. Shut up. "I didn't know he had one.” Just shut up. “Yeah, well he doesn’t talk much about her.” “Why, not?” “It’s …show more content…

Mr. I’m.Going.To.Rip.Your.Eyes out-nah-nathan-Nate? Nate. The kid. Looks flustered, embarrassed really as he looks down and anywhere, but Regis's eyes. While Claire looks at the flowers admirable they doesn’t notice that Regis smile drop or as he gives a look to both Parker brothers. “I think they’re beautiful, your sister will love them.” Claire says appropriately. “Yeah, man sorry to hear about her.” It takes all Regis’s self control to not grab this kid by his collar and squeeze his throat, until his face turns blue with all the glances Nate keeps giving him. “Ah, hey no worries it's just something I have to deal with. We're still have that party tomorrow, right?” asks Regis as he changes the conversation and brings his attention towards Jared. "Yeah, man" Jared said as he eyes Nate who keeps nodding his head like a fish scrimping for air. "Party at our place." Regis nods in approval and then pats Nate on the shoulder with a warm smile, kisses Claire on the cheek and says, “See you guys there!” and waves at Jared and Dalton. “and see you two later.” “Bye Regis!” Calls Claire and then she turns to Nate. "Oh. Um, okay! Bye

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