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Passionate Church groups For my ethnography essay I have chosen to observe and write about a Christian church group known as the Dynasty youth ministry. They are a Christian church group that is located in Yuma, AZ with members usually being young high school students to early adults. I have chosen this topic because me personally I have never really attended church so I thought it would be a great way to learn more about religion, and also a great way to learn how passionate one can be about church and maybe it will encourage me to persuade someone who is distant from god to join. There are many young individuals that lack confidence and need to improve their self-esteem and because they haven’t been able to do just that they lack the…show more content…
That’s when I came across a second article while I researched church groups that tried to make a difference in their communities. The article is written by Teena M. Stewart and its title is “Make your church volunteer friendly”. In the article the author does a great job of explaining how volunteering and helping others is great not physically but also emotionally Teena states: “when you volunteer you step outside of your own world an touch the lives of others” (Stewart, 2003). All of the members of the Dynasty youth- Ministry church group including both my interview subjects Junior and Adolfo have all put in many hours of volunteer work. I know because the church is so close to my house I have seen them cleaning up neighborhoods that are so close to mine. When I asked Adolfo why he enjoys volunteer work he told me “I like making the communities look a lot cleaner and hopefully it will inspire the people watching us to do the same for their communities and families”. The Dynasty Youth- Ministry raises money to travel to other places where they can be of help. They recently sold tamales outside of the cities Sam’s club to raise money so they could travel to Mexico to help clean local neighborhoods that are in poverty. From what I have learned while conducting my research is that if people gave the church group a try…show more content…
Sounds to be such a caring group but it is because of people who do not give them a chance that they lose many members. They fail to realize, just as I did myself, that they are good people that will help them if they need it. Even if all they need is a hug because they are having an awful day the Dynasty Youth-Ministry will be there for them. They will be there for them when someone is lonely or has nothing to do in life. This is one of the core issues of the church to help individuals and families come closer together. As it did for both my interview subjects Junior and Adolfo and the rest of their family. The group is always trying to raise money not just for field trips and activities but also to be able to help people. I hope others will conduct research on church groups to be inspired to join one which will lead them to help others and to make the world a better place. These kinds of groups spread that good in their heart to others with hopes that they will do the same for others. There are many families in America that are broken and in need of help. Church groups are one if not the best solution to bring families closer

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