Leah Shoff: A True Hero

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Imagine being the daughter of a pastor, who has to live up to her family 's expectations, how would you feel? While being an example in church, yet living in another city attending a four year university in her graduating year, this leader is as strong as they come. Leah Shoff is a 22 year old who has put her entire life effort forth for God. Even though she has attempted to live part of her life without God, she was never successful in doing so. Constantly under a lot of stress, Ms. Shoff is currently attending Vanguard University as a Senior with a major in business, and she still keeps in great contact with her family; especially her family who is runs Palmdale Lighthouse Assembly of God. Leah Shoff is the definition of a hero to me because …show more content…

Leah has proven herself to be a hero many times in my life alone, by showing me what it means to be a daughter of God, and how important it is to find passion and heart for whatever you want to do. Leah has always been the type of girl to put others before herself, but on a much larger scale. She has given so much advice to me about my daily abilities and how to deal with the pressure of the world. She has always told me to “Give it to God”, and this was so true. I learned from her that if I can give up my heart to God, then he will take all of my problems along with my heart. One quote she gave me this past week, strongly stood out to me which was; “I could share all that I have done and the accomplishments that currently make up my resume, but I believe what truly matters at the end of the day is the question, "did I love others today?" Love 's root is not a feeling, it is an action. It can be shown through a variety of simple ways, such as the sacrifice of my time or a completion of a task for another. And when you can show this way of living life to another and they take it on for themselves, this is what I call success.”. It is so obvious especially in this quote that she determines success different from the rest of us. This just shows that she cares more about her affect on others than the affect her life has on herself. So easy to see, Leah is most definitely a very empathetic person, especially when it comes to giving advice to

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