Clara Barton Hero

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Have you ever been caught in a natural disaster, losing your home, place to work, or even a friend or family member? Today there is the Red Cross and other organizations to help people survive these events, but what would you do without them? Clarissa “Clara” Barton is a hero because she founded the red cross in the U.S., helped and risked her life in the Civil War, and served as a symbol for women’s rights and support for the oppressed. Clara Barton was the founder of the red cross in the U.S, and served as its first president. Clara had the Red Cross founded after visiting Europe for rest (, where a treaty was signed for the Red Cross to help anyone. After coming back, she thought the United States needed a organization of itself. So, she worked to get the same treaty passed in the United State’s government. The treaty was ratified and the Red Cross was founded in 1881, where Clara Barton served …show more content…

Today, many would agree that slavery was not a good thing and that women should have equal rights. But in 1800s people who disagreed would be like people who agree with slavery today, not right and or shouldn’t be listened too. If we lived in her time period, she wouldn’t be a hero she would be someone trying to take away privilege and supporting the wrong things. We may think of her as a hero for her work for equality but the opposite to many in her time. If hero can be defined as someone who is selflessly caring for others and trying to heal the hurt, then Clara Barton is a hero. She saw something she believed would help her country and the people that lived there and made it happen. Looked at the sadness of war as an opportunity to help those fighting non-violently. As well as, help stand up for those treated unequally and unfairly by society. If you wanted to envision a worse world or at least U.S, then imagine it without Clara

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