Cinder Edna Argumentative Essay

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The text of the book Cinder Edna was organized into simple sentences and short paragraphs. The organization was sufficient for what the book is telling by providing adequate detail in each paragraph. Descriptive language was used throughout the entire book which made having short paragraphs and simple sentences acceptable. One example of a literary tool being employed to make the story more vivid is, “Cinderella sat among the cinders and sighed.” This literary tool is alliteration and it helps support the story by allowing the reader to picture what Cinderella must have felt like in that moment. Another example of a literary tool being employed is the analogy of Cinderella to Cinder Edna. The whole book is a big analogy between the two and how Cinder Edna is a much more independent version of Cinderella. A third example of a literary tool being used is rhyming. “…They did the Storybook Stomp and the Cinnamon Twist. They did the Worm and Fish. They boogied and …show more content…

A character trait of the main character that is established through the text is independence. A character trait of the main character that is established through the illustrations is contentment. Two character traits of the main character that young children identify or sympathize with are optimism and ambition. The main problem that the character faces in the book is that she’s controlled by her evil stepmother. She spends her days cleaning and taking care of her evil stepmother and stepsisters. Although most children have not faced an evil stepmother and/or stepsisters before, they face the challenge of remaining optimistic through tough times. Whether it’s a bully at school or maybe school is just challenging for them, children have to learn how to get through it. At a young child’s age, sometimes minor occurrences can seem like their world is ending, therefore they have to learn to push through and

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