Ciressa Merhige: A Short Story

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Ciressa Merhige About 7 years ago my husband and I went to someone’s house after church that our good friend knew. He is known as a modern day prophet. Honestly, I was newly saved and I had no idea what to expect let alone know what any of these mature Christians were talking about.While we were there we ate, had fellowship then we gathered in his living room for “prayer” I was there because I wanted answers for what God wanted for my life. It wasn’t until then that I realized what God was expecting of me. I was told that I have been equipped to help and minister to kids. I was told that what I would be doing wouldn’t look religious and isn’t something that anyone else has done before and that one day he would use me to open a center. After …show more content…

It’s a great program. Unfortunately, both times he left the program before his year was up. I couldn’t understand why someone would want to choose being homeless over having a full belly, a safe warm place to live and no financial responsibility. To myself that seemed ludicrous, who in their right mind would do such a thing? That’s when it hit me! He’s not in his right mind! God revealed to me that he has been abused, hurt, mistreated, unhealthy love, was shown no real example. He was always being told what to eat, how to dress, when to go out and have free time. He was never able to just go play at a friend’s house on his own so when he “aged” out of the program in his mind he was free. In his mind no one would tell him what to do anymore even if it was positive. So in order to help him better I enrolled at CCU. If it doesn’t help him this time I know that God will use me again and again. One of my girls we minister to we met 4 years ago. She got my number from someone and called me at 12am one night. I heard a scared little voice on the other end say “Miss I don’t even know why I am calling you but I need help”. She was a male entertainer and was tricked into

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