Experience Of Attending The Civil Rights Museum

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Attending the Civil Right Museum was a very enjoyable experience. The staff at the museum was very helpful, courteous, and offered a lot of insight about the exhibits. I could tell that they were educated about the issues of oppression that African American faced. The exhibit were very detailed, such as the sculpture were life like and the audio and visual displays seemed to almost take you back to those times, so attending these types of museums is often a very emotional experience for me. This museum in particular was hard for me to be in because Martin Luther King was actually killed there, so I felt overwhelmed at that thought and did not even view the room he was in prior to his death nor did I go into the room were the shots were fired that took his life. To see how Black were brought over from the middle passage and forced to stay in those cramped …show more content…

The law were enacted to ensure that white and blacks were afford separate experiences and privilege. An example of such a measure was the segregation of facilities, such as schools, theaters, hospital, and restroom. In an effort to have this law abolished, in the South blacks had sit-in and boycotts and a marched on Washington, they were often met with violence from their white counter parts, who opposed their efforts and wanted things to remain the same. However there efforts paid off and segregation of institutions was declared Unconstitutional. Furthermore here are some ways the black vote was suppressed, literacy testing, Violence, intimidation, and the grand father clause, however these voting laws primarily effected black men because women had the right to vote long before they did. The March from Selma Alabama to Montgomery was an effort to amend voting laws, which aided in President Lyndon B. Johnson enacting the Voting Rights Act.

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