Civil To Savage Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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Civil to Savage In the book, Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, the boys start off being civil and got to being savage. The boy’s savage and immoral behavior, in my opinion, should be blamed on biological factors, rather than the environment. The boys started acting out once they started losing their minds and things they need. In the book, Golding writes about the characters who go from civil to savage. The setting is on an island. The boy’s plane crashed on this island. It is isolated by water and has good resources for being able to survive a while. The main characters are Ralph and Piggy. They meet each other for the first time, on the island, and become friends real quick. Conflicts occur in the novel when Ralph and Piggy …show more content…

In the article, The teenage brain, it states, “Adolescents are particularly sensitive and responsive to influence by friends, desires and emotions, researchers say.” Also the article states, “ A major reason why teenagers often respond to those influences with irrational decisions is the presence of the brain chemical known as dopamine.” The quotes mean that it is easy to respond to decisions without second guessing yourself, especially in teenage years. It connects to the reason because when you are under peer pressure as a teenager you are very responsive to anything, like hasty decisions. Just like when Jack broke Piggy’s specs. Jack probably did not think twice and was responsive to the first thing he knew would hurt Piggy. Jack most likely did not think about the long term effect it would have on Piggy. Also, when the boys left the fire when they were in charge of being beside it to keep it going, as a rescue signal. They probably did not think about the danger it could have caused, also. Being under the influence of others, especially your friends, is a constant struggle in daily

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