Civil Vs Savage Analysis

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Civil vs. Savage is a board game based on the book, The Lord of the Flies. You will be playing the game as if you live on the island with other boys between the ages of 6 to 12. Jack, Ralph, Simon, and Piggy were the main characters in The Lord of the Flies. Each one of the boys was presented with different struggles that caused each of them, with the exception of Simon, to turn a little savage. Jack was one of the older boys who originally was part of the choir at his school. He led the choir boys on the island and turned them into the hunters. Hunting is what led Jack to turn into a savage. Jack and the hunters split apart from the rest of the group, so that they could do things their own way. Jack killed pigs in an unethical way, and started to lead chants that were not done in a normal way. Jack’s tribe would run in a circle, chanting, while pretending one of the boys was a pig. They would pretend to stab the boy as if they were hunting. These are all things that led Jack to turn into a savage. …show more content…

Ralph made some mistakes that made him turn a little savage, but he still kept mostly civilized throughout the book. Ralph led the group from the beginning when he blew the conch shell that united everyone. He tried to make a civilization on the island by creating rules and shelters. He also looked out for the littluns. The main thing that he did was cared for Piggy. Ralph stood up for Piggy when Jack would bully him, and he took Piggy’s advice because Piggy was wise. Ralph did make some mistakes though. Ralph knew that the only way off the island was by a boat seeing a signal fire, so he wanted to make sure that one was always going. Jack took away the fire watchers and didn’t understand why that was bad, so Ralph punched him and got into a fight. Ralph also joined the frenzy that killed

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