Ralph And Piggy Character Analysis

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Over the course of the the entire story did Ralph truly think of Piggy as a friend? We’ve seen Ralph and piggy together a lot and it's pretty much clear that Piggy puts his trust In Ralph as he’s always backing Ralph up in different ways. Ralph on the other hand doesn't always help Piggy in fact in the beginning he almost didn't even care for him. Ralph only slowly started thrusting/heping Piggy once Jack created his tribe and most of Ralph’s followers went to Jack. It is clear that Ralph had changed from the beginning to the end as seen with his relationship with piggy, it went from being a stranger to becoming a friend. In the beginning of the story Ralph did what he wanted without thinking of the consequences. As the story starts Ralph …show more content…

Their relationship got better once Jack had created his own tribe all of the biggums except for Piggy and Samneric had left for Jack’s tribe. Ralph had now realized that he could only trust these people and no one else. Slowly they start to develop a relationship as friends they even have friendly chats every now and then “The success of his tiny joke overcame Ralph. His sniggers became uncontrollable,”(Pg 165). After Jack’s tribe had raided Ralph’s ground and stole Piggy’s specs Ralph asked Piggy “You all right, Piggy?”(Pg 168). Ralph seemed to care about Piggy's well being he had change since the beginning of the story where he didn't care to much about piggy. Over the course of the whole story Ralph’s relationship with Piggy changes drastically from strangers to friends. Even though Ralph didn't treat Piggy as a friend in the beginning and was even being a douche he changed in the end. Ralph started to accept Piggy as a person and became more friendly towards Piggy. Ralph and Piggy were always almost together and during their time together Piggy had sided with Ralph almost of the time while Ralph slowly starts to side with Piggy

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