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Question 1: When Winthrop states ““For we must consider that we shall be as a city upon a hill” he means that the people will look up to them as role models on how to live right and obey God. They are being put on a higher stand stool in order to guide the others in the right direction. Its readers “ the people are looking upon us “(Winthrop,pg1) this is him explaining that the people are looking up to them.
Question 2: Native American claim that the incident of 3 of their men being hung was the direct result of the war. It was sated in paragraph 1”Sausimun before his death had informed of the Indian Plot”(winthrop,pg1) This showed that the information given by the indians was that the indians wanted to destroy the english. They sent …show more content…

According to document 3 The English settlers say that the cause of philip's war was due to the english wanting to convert the Indians christianity the source states”Various are the reports and conjectures of the causes of the present Indian warre. Some impute it to an imprudent zeal in the magistrates of Boston to christianize those heathen before they were civilized “ (easto, john) this explains how the English felt the war started based on religious discrepancies and well as moral …show more content…

In North America and also he states the Facts towards the implication of the “stamp act” it reaads in the article “ Ministers, to be well acquainted with , i mean the situation & disposition,of his majesty's subject in North America ”.(Hingis, 1766,pg1) This is him stating that there was a situation that he need to be taken care of and was going to discuss it in the letter .I :The intended audience is government officials it stated that”I have once before, taken the Liberty, to write to your Lordships, on a Subject, that I conceived”.. The authors intended P: Purpose was to discuss The facts and statistic along with the opinion of the english towards the stamp act on the behalf of him and his people. it quotes “that the Stamp Act, was unconstitutional, and oppressive.”(Hingis,1766,pg.1)This was Hingis main argument throughout the letter . By writing this letter to the lords Higgins goal was to get the lords to see their side of why the “stamp act” wasn't a act in their favor and what negative effects it might have ”Adherents, have at Heart, and think this, a favourable Opportunity, to engage, and carry the populace, into such Rebellious, & violent “ This quote shows that the writer thinks that the stamp act is a opportunity to bring violent acts to a feud.P:Hingis point of view was basically the representation of all the english

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