Civil War Focus Questions And Answers

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Civil War Journal Skill Focus Questions #3, 4, and 6

3. Highlight and annotate Alcott’s descriptions of the soldiers she treats. How does she make distinctions between each of these individuals?

Louisa May Alcott includes several descriptions of the soldiers she treats and makes distinctions between each of these individuals. On Alcott’s very first day as a nurse, she “began [her] new life by seeing a poor man die at dawn, and sitting all day between a boy with pneumonia and a man shot through the lungs” (paragraph 14). Later on, in Alcott’s diary, she says that the soldiers are “docile, respectful, &affectionate, with but few exceptions, truly lovable &manly many of them” (paragraph 15). She finds pleasure comforting and cheering up the …show more content…

In paragraph 15 Alcott writes, “I like it—find real pleasure in comforting tending &cheering these poor souls who seem to love me.” Though Alcott is home sick and tired, she still wants to help the injured soldiers and make them happy. This shows that Alcott is a very caring and compassionate person. Alcott also writes, “The answering of letters from friends after some one has died is the saddest &hardest duty a nurse has to do” (paragraph 18). Even though Alcott has to write some odd things and some emotional and sad things, Alcott still loves doing it because she loves helping the soldiers feel happy and do something to give back. In the very end of the excerpt Alcott writes, “That way the fighting lies, &long to follow…” (paragraph 22). Alcott is a very brave women that goes to war knowing that she could die. However, she wants to help the Union and start new experiences. She feels like it is necessary to help in the war.

6. The Civil War changed the way many Americans felt about war and about themselves. At the beginning of her journal, what were Alcott’s feelings about war and about her role in the war? How did the war and the time she spent as a nurse for Union soldiers encourage Alcott to redefine herself? Highlight textual evidence to support your

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