Clara Barton: The Angel Of The Battlefield

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"I have an almost complete disregard of precedent and a faith in the possibility of something better. It irritates me to be told how things always have been done.... I defy the tyranny of precedent.” According to her writings, this quote by Clara Barton clarifies the fiber of her character. Evidently, Clara Burton amazingly possessed the right determination to impact the world. Clara, known as the Angel of the Battlefield, dedicated superb work in providing relief to wounded soldiers when the American Civil War began. Collecting supplies, she was not content to stand by the sidelines. She was relentless. Although she was raised as the youngest child in a farming community, she became a teacher, and eventually founder of the American Red …show more content…

Willingly, she helped distribute supplies to France and Germany. Besides all her responsibilities, she desired to establish the Red Cross in America. When she returned home, she received an iron cross merit. Speaking to congress, she successfully persuaded them and in 1881 National Security organized the Red Cross. In a nutshell, Clara is credited as founder of the Red Cross. John D. Rockefeller donated money to the National Security Head Quarters in Washington D.C, which was one block from the White House. Clara Barton was president for twenty-three years. She died in 1912 when she was 91 years old and was buried in Oxford. Clara Burton is one of the most admired women in history. Clara Barton, famous and honored in her lifetime, bravely earned a place in American History for spending much of her life helping others. Along her many accomplishments, she is remembered as a fantastic woman. Utterly, the most significant event of her life was founding the American Red Cross because it impacts the lives of people to this day. Providing practical relief, the American Red Cross supports communities after a disaster strikes. Clara is a historical

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