Gideon Case Analysis

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Imagine yourself struggling with financial problems. You get put into court and was denied an attorney when requested for they believe you can defend yourself with no degree in law at all. When unable to respond properly you get put into jail just cause you couldn’t representing yourself. Well that is what Clarence Earl Gideon experienced and had to argued for on Jan 15, 1963. On June 3 of 1961, a burglary had occurred at the Bay Harbor Pool Room in Panama City, Florida. When Gideon was found near by the police arrested him and charged him with breaking and entering.Gideon could not afford a lawyer so when he appeared at the Florida Circuit Court for trial, he asked the judge to appoint one for him. The judge denied his request, claiming…show more content…
The Sixth Amendment gives defendants the right to counsel in federal prosecutions no matter what circumstance. In the first place, the florida state court should’ve granted gideon a lawyer when he requested since it was his rights as an individual the 6th amendment states, “the accused shall enjoy the right to (...) have the assistance of counsel for his defence,” (Amendment 6). This clearly points out that gideon had the right to a lawyer when requested and when denied by the state court the supreme court was to correct it for he an individual has the same rights as everyone else. Proving that the Supreme court sided to protect his individual right for it was violated. Equally important, the reason for denial of a consuel was absolutely absurd. They did not grant him a fair trial like others because they claimed that, “the state doesn't have to provide a poor person with a lawyer unless "special circumstances" exist” (Streetlaw). With this in mind the main reason the anti-federalists created the bill of rights and added the 6th amendment was because of people who were unable to obtain a counsel for their defense. Further proving that the Supreme court sided for Gideon’s rights when reopening his case and giving him counsel for the fair trial he should’ve had before. In brief, Gideon had a right to a counsel for his defense since it was his constitutional right under the 6th amendment rather he was poor or
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